3 Reasons Why Your Staff Should Attend TABS Summer Session

Boarding schools offer a unique and rewarding experience for both students and staff. However, adjusting to a new boarding school environment can be a significant task for new staff members.. TABS Summer Session offers an excellent opportunity for new staff members to gain the knowledge and skills necessary to thrive in the boarding school environment.

TABS Summer Session is an annual event that provides professional development opportunities for new and experienced boarding school staff members. The program is designed to help participants understand the unique aspects of boarding school life and develop the skills necessary to succeed in this dynamic environment. TABS Summer Session encompasses six different programs:

  • NowBoarding
  • New Administrator Institute
  • Residential & Student Life Institute
  • New Teacher Institute
  • Admissions Institutes
  • Associate & Assistant Heads Roundtable.

Attending TABS Summer Session can benefit new staff members in several ways. First, it provides an opportunity to network with other boarding school professionals from around the country. This networking can lead to valuable connections and collaborations that can benefit both the individual and the school. Eric Bolton from Idyllwild Arts Academy noted, “Meeting like-minded colleagues who are in a similar professional place is worth it alone. I was able to compare the different boarding school cultures and find the similarities between them. I do think it has helped me prepare for the upcoming year.”

Second, TABS Summer Session provides a comprehensive introduction to the unique aspects of boarding school life. Participants learn about topics such as student life, residential life, and the role of advisors. They also learn about the importance of creating a supportive and inclusive community, as well as the challenges that come with working and living in a boarding school environment. Ashly Coppage from Rabun Gap-Nacoochee School said “Best way to begin your boarding school experience is to attend TABS Summer Session!”

Third, TABS Summer Session offers opportunities for development and growth. Participants will engage in a variety of workshops and sessions that cover topics such as leadership, communication, and diversity and inclusion. These sessions are led by experienced boarding school professionals and provide valuable insights and strategies for success. Anne Gregory from The Thatcher School said “This institute was SO HELPFUL! It’s given me so much to think about as I head into this new role. Most importantly, I feel like I have some concrete action items to work on before the school year begins.”

TABS Summer Session is an excellent opportunity for new boarding school staff members to gain the knowledge and skills necessary to succeed in this unique and rewarding environment. The program provides opportunities for networking, comprehensive training, and professional development, all of which can benefit both the individual and the school. In the words of  Mike Mottola from St. Stephen’s School “Everything about this conference made it a worthwhile investment for the school and for my personal time over the summer. I left feeling energized and full of new ideas, some to implement with my team and students immediately, and others in the long term. I now have a fabulous network of professionals to lean on throughout the year.”

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