There’s an inside joke here at TABS about the slight delay in launching this blog. But I knew once we had the elements in place, we’d launch just fine. And January – having recently returned to work after a nice little holiday, preceded by the TABS Annual Conference, puts me in a particularly good place to write a post.

Were you at the Annual Conference? Talk about inspiring. I’m usually jazzed up just by getting to have some face-time (and I don’t mean on my iPhone) with you members. But this year, I felt the energy was the best in my experience over 4 TABS conferences. Was it the myriad of high-quality, boarding-school specific sessions? Or the refreshing keynote by Erik Wahl? Or the moving talk by special guest Shabana Basij-Rasikh? Maybe seeing the wonderful Dr. Richard Schubart win the Ruzicka Compass Award? Or the fun TABS Town, featuring some talented A Cappella groups from our schools (that frankly was way better than watching Glee)? All of that contributed, yes. But frankly I believe it’s a very, very special individual who works at a boarding school – and with nearly 900 of you in one place, there’s guaranteed to be innovation, laughter, fun, collaboration and inspiration.

I’d like to find a way to extend that camaraderie and energy. Let’s hope that this new space, along with TABS programs, social media channels, and the new #TABSchat on Twitter will help. If you have ideas, or would like to write a guest post, please contact us!

Dr. Richard Schubart Accepting the TABS Ruzicka Compass Award
Dr. Richard Schubart Accepting the TABS Ruzicka Compass Award

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