Happy New Year!

Welcome to the KeepingTABS! TABS formerly published a semi-annual e-newsletter, KeepingTABS, which included TABS Executive Director Peter Upham’s column Director’s Cut. As we continue to learn how our members like to consume information, we’ve revamped KeepingTABS and made it a blog (which will feature Director’s Cut periodically…. when Pete has time to share his many pearls of wisdom).

On KeepingTABS, you’ll find posts from several of us here at TABS, along with guest bloggers from throughout the independent school industry. It’s a place to share tidbits, news, musings and more – all centered on the world of college-prep independent boarding schools.

Want to submit? Have some feedback for the direction of the blog? Let us know! Reach out to me, Amy, at [email protected].

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